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I'm just Sayin'
The Inside girl is going to Alias. I hate Alias. I've tried to watch it several times and it just seems like what's her name in different outfits. Anyway, I love Tim and after all my philosophizing and rambling about feminism I loved this short-lived show too. "Thief of Hearts" blew me away and gave me all these inspirational ideas for writing. Whatever Tim does next I'll be there. Maybe next time it cannot be with Fox or something. Does anyone know where to go on the WEB to get an update on what he's doing? I'm not going to go on and rant and rave and talk about how good writing doesn't get what it deserves because we all know how I feel already. Sorry for the cross post. Hope it doesn't piss anyone off. Just trying to get the message out there that this was great writing again that affected me, and it sucks I can't see more of it. And no, I'm not gonna watch Alias or the dancing show.
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