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Teso's Fanfic Crossover OTP Challenge
Ok, so I've never done a fanfic challenge via LiveJournal, but hey, why not, right? I have this idea, and I hope it grabs other people's interest. I've been on a crossover pairing kick and feel the itch to write (even though I'm behind on my FRVS work). So here's the challenge...

Subject: Crossover OTP
Deadline: Let's make it September 30th
Rating/Length: Whatever works for your story.

Here's what you should do, pick a favorite crossover OTP (tv or movie) and find a way to cross them over and hook up your favorite OTP from the two shows. Example, I'm going to do a crossover of "Without A Trace" and "The X-Files". My favorite OTP from that crossover is Danny Taylor and Monica Reyes, so I'll write a fic about them.

To join in, check out this thread at my journal.

Happy writing!